/rɪb / (say rib)

1. one of a series of long, slender, curved bones, occurring in pairs, more or less enclosing the thoracic cavity, and articulated with the vertebrae.
2. a cut of meat, as beef, containing a rib.
3. some thing or part resembling a rib in form, position, or use, as a supporting or strengthening part.
4. an arch or arched member, plain or moulded, forming a support of a vault, or a merely decorative feature of like appearance on the surface of a vault or ceiling.
5. a structural member which supports the shape of something: an umbrella rib.
6. one of the curved timbers or members in a ship's frame which spring upwards and outwards from the keel.
7. a primary vein of a leaf.
8. a ridge, as in poplin or rep, caused by heavy yarn.
9. Knitting a pattern in which plain and purl stitches are alternated.
10. Colloquial a wife (in humorous allusion to the creation of Eve. Genesis 2:21–22).
11. a strip of metal joining the barrel of a double-barrelled shotgun, which acts as a guide to aligning the sights.
12. Bookbinding
a. one of the raised lines where the stitching runs across the spine of a book.
b. such a line used ornamentally.
verb (ribbed, ribbing)
verb (t)
13. to furnish or strengthen with ribs.
14. to enclose as with ribs.
15. to mark with riblike ridges or markings.
16. to knit (an article) in a rib.
verb (i)
17. to knit in a rib.
{Middle English and Old English}
ribbed, adjective
/rɪb / (say rib)

verb (ribbed, ribbing)
verb (t)
1. to tease; ridicule; make fun of: *Was Shane ever ribbed by mates because he stayed a bachelor for so long? –herald-sun, 1991.
verb (i)
2. to tease, ridicule, or make fun of someone: *Oh just good-natured ribbing and that kind of thing. –lyn richards, 1985.
{apparently shortened form of rib-tickle (verb)
ribbing, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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